Australia: More current, future homeowners go green

Green Construction

Study by Frost & Sullivan shows that majority of current and future Australian home owners are aware of green homes, products

According to a survey by Frost & Sullivan, the Australian green homes market faces a promising and positive future.

The survey encompassed 1,018 Australian home owners and future home owners who plan to purchase a home within 2 years and asked questions concerning the market perception and preferences for green homes including the home owners’ awareness of green homes, products and services and purchasing preferences.

According to the survey, over 66 percent of respondents report an awareness of green homes, etc. with future home owners most aware. The future home owners also report strong intentions to install all green home products or services over current home owners.

Additionally, the study analyzed the responses of those surveyed, segmenting them into three areas: proactive, socially influenced and resisters. Respondents labeled proactive are influenced by the potential energy savings on the monthly utility bill. “The proactive group reduces energy usage by turning off lights when not in use and participating in other green activities such as recycling,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Associate Christina Alfaro in a statement.

Those labeled socially-influenced adopt green products as a result of influence from friends, family or neighbors to use eco-products in their homes. “This group is environmentally conscious based upon societal pressure, but tends to not follow through with action,” says Alfaro.

Finally, respondents labeled resisters, over 25 percent of those surveyed, are turned off by the cost of green products and services and feel that using them will cause no impact on the environment. “Interestingly, more than half of these segmented respondents (55%) are future home owners,” notes Alfaro. However, the study notes that this may reflect a lack of current need to adopt green technology, not an opposition to the environment.