Housing Society Management is now not a problem with these apps

society management apps

There are numerous programs that help in digitising and streamlining the functions of housing organizations – from payment collection and accounting, to facilities management
Megha Chauhan defaulted on the payment of her society’s maintenance charges. The lapse wasn’t deliberate; she just kept losing. Within a world that is increasingly taking paperless way, there’s no reason simple guidelines for bill payments, invoices for the same, and notifications for society conferences, shouldn’t follow suit. In this article are a few software and softwares that can make managing housing communities a breeze.

This kind of web-based software provides facilities for accounting, facility management, communication channel between level owners, tenants and the managing committee and visitors’ entry. It also has provisions, to compute the society’s budget and balance sheet and calculates income taxes. The software can make bills and acquire maintenance fees on behalf of the society, through its own payment gateway. Other features include an SMS and email alert system that sends out reminders on debts, dues, etc., a virtual notice board that informs residents of event celebrations; meetings and other events; as well as notices on water scarcity, building repairs, etc. This website also provides a center for tracking members’ issues and has a newsfeed page, that can be used to inform members about the latest developments in the society.

Additionally, it has an app, which allows neighborhood friends to network among themselves, lodge maintenance requests and book facilities. The ADDA Gatekeeper iphone app on Android os and iOS, can help societies to manage visitors’ and staff entry and replace conventional registers.

ApnaComplex provides housing societies with billing and accounting tools that can fully systemize collections. It also allows bookkeeping and maintenance of balance sheets and income-expense statements.

Much like ApartmentADDA, it also has cooperation tools (such as notice boards, discussion forums and photography galleries), facility management tools (such as advantage tracker, inventory tracker, vehicle and parking lot management) and a complaint container, enabled with service level agreements and auto-escalations. Apna Complex also has an Android app.

Apartment Sathi
Apartment Sathi manages the accounting and auditing needs of housing societies, such as payment of maintenance charges, income and price tracking and management of cash flow. The company has additionally developed a communication platform that includes residents’ address book, a notice board, an events appointments and instant polls. The software also provides a facility for administrator support and document storage. That creates a website landing page for the apartment’s website, which also stores maintenance contracts, sees, staff records and to the writer of this article files.

Society Run, Culture Hive, and Society123, are some other software that help to digitise operations in housing societies. Because almost all of them provide the same services, it is highly recommended to use their free versions, to make a decision which one suits your requirements.