Plastic Pipe Benefits Green Building Technologies

Plastic Piping

A study by Sustainability Edge Solutions reveals the benefits of using plastic pipe in green building technologies

Laura Clapper | Thu Aug 26, 2010
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Plastic Pipe Benefits Green Building Technologies
Source: WikiCommons user Piotrus

Sustainability Edge Solutions has released a new study Green Building Technologies that Use Plastic Pipe and Tubing to Function revealing that plastic piping helps green building technologies perform better based on eleven performance indicators.

The study reveals that plastic piping systems improve durability and strength of piping systems, which improves performance and service life. Additionally, plastic piping is lightweight and flexible, which leads to easier installation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Plastic pipes come in different colors to distinguish between potable water and recycled water. Finally, the plastic piping complies with certification standards as well as building codes and regulations.

The study breaks down commercial and residential uses for plastic pipe in eleven chapters which including gray water reuse, rainwater harvesting, geothermal ground loops, radiant heating, water efficient irrigation, central vacuum systems and residential fire sprinklers.

According to the statement released about the study, “For each technology reviewed, information was compiled on: description, benefits and limitations; energy and/or water savings potential for a hypothetical scenario, associated simple economic payback period and estimated CO2 equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gas reductions; life safety impacts, where applicable; Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) impacts, where applicable; materials used for piping, tubing, fittings; and operating examples describing selected examples of installations.”

Plastic piping that is implemented as part of a green building technology can help improve the efficiency of the technologies, improving energy efficiency and reducing water waste. This becomes important as more municipalities begin to require conservation efforts on the part of residential, commercial and industrial customers.
State and local governments offer incentives for the implementation of green building technologies.